February 28, 2015


I'll be participating in the "SPECTRUM'S" group exhibition at RSP CREATIVE STUDIOS in Galt, CA. The opening will take place on April 1st, 2015 and I'll have a select group of new originals there thru April. The Gallery is located at 305 4th St. Galt, CA 95632 Contact Dr. Robin Scott Peters for all sales inquiries @ 209.251.7488

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February 02, 2015

New Signature Series Wallpaper Designs!

An exciting way to kick off the New Year! These are images from a collaboration between myself and A-Wall Design in Los Angeles, CA. I'm excited to be the first fine artist they've selected to feature in their Luxe Series of Designer Wall Covering. They have designed a great new product made of fabric (not vinyl) that can be easily installed and at the same time...easily peeled off after any amount of time and reapplied on another space if desired. No rips or wrinkles at all! We will be donating proceeds from each sale to the "Save The Elephants" Foundation. Product is just about ready to launch. Stay tuned...You can see all of the images at http://www.a-walldesign.com/luxe


February 10, 2014

Out Of The Dark and Into The Night!

"I know she's almost finished when I can hear her speak in the dark." This is my latest original painting "Wishing Upon A Star." A commentary on how challenging it has become to secure a record deal in this 'New Digital World Order' Music Industry. When one truly believes in oneself, the keys to the Kingdom might only be a note away...Full color pic coming soon.


January 15, 2014


I was commissioned to do a mural sized original painting for the owner of the new Grapevine Ford/Lincoln dealership in Grapevine, Texas. It's the largest piece I've worked on in quite a while at 4' x 8'. I placed the owner's mentor's in the reflection (top left) as well as a small portrait of Henry Ford (lower right) Really loved working in this semi realistic yet abstract style. Used a '57 ThunderBird engine for reference....


September 30, 2013


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August 04, 2013


Earlier this Summer I spent a couple weeks in Bali. It was my first trip to Asia. Much of my work has a strong Spiritual foundation. However, it is derived more from an inherent fascination with all things mystical. Less from a place of true religious practice. I felt it was time to plug into a new source. I had been struggling with a rare bout of "What the F@ck do I paint now" and I felt a calling to be one with the wind. I was in search of a bit of a magical reboot and after an extremely long flight, followed by another long flight, I landed in the city of Denpasar. Within an hour I arrived at Hotel Legong Keraton in Caangu. It was here at this quaint beach front boutique hotel perched right above beautiful Berawa Beach where my journey began.

As luck would have it, my arrival coincided with the Balinese New Year. The entire Island was in preparation for one of the most festive celebrations of the year, Nyepi. This traditional Hindu festival is dedicated to self reflection and the preservation of well being for self, family, home and the island. The entire island goes "black" from 6pm until 6am the following day which happens to be their New Year. There is fasting, no work, no electricity. Even the airports are closed during this sacred time. Story goes that with little to no power being used across the entire island, the evil spirits will fly over the island through the darkness without ever seeing it. I can buy into that. Families from all over the island work together to create what is known as Ogoh Ogoh. These are highly detailed and decorated sculptures carved from foam and hand painted. At Sundown, all of the villagers parade their Ogo Ogo high above their heads toward the center of their villages where they are met with throngs of excited crowds. Once they reach the village center, these animated Demon statues dance and play fight to the roaring cheers and chants of the people. Feeding off of this intense, unified energy, you could see how it would be wise for any plotting evil Spirits with cruel intentions to beware...

Being on Bali felt like I was in a constant embrace. Wide eyed smiles met you at every turn. The deep Spirituality, rich culture and awe inspiring natural beauty was evident in every person, place and thing you came across. The video below will give you a small glimpse into some of the wonder I experienced during my time there...Enjoy.


August 03, 2013


Recently discovered this sketching app for the IPad called Sketch Pro2. Did this quick nude off of a posted model photograph on the New Masters Academy website. This is a wonderful new online academy of art with a ton of excellent video classes and demonstrations. Check it out if you're wanting to learn some new tricks or just stoke your creative fire. (Newmastersacademy.org)


June 02, 2013


As many of you know, I was born into a family of artists. Both my parents, as well as my younger brother and sister are professional fine artists. The "In The Blood" show was the very first gallery exhibition where all of our work was featured together. This was a life long dream for my mother and although her transition into Spirit almost 10 years ago prevented her from physically being there to see it, she was felt. To be able to share some of her paintings that had never been seen before was truly special. A couple hours before the opening I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear...so I opted to paint a tshirt. You know your wardrobe is in tatters if it suddenly becomes easier to make something to wear. Last I checked, I wasn't living on a Prairie! I took inspiration from a wall sculpture my mother did back in the mid 70's called "Faces." Who wants it?